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Adams "Pee Wee" Size Football Flac Jacket

Pee Wee size fits 60 -90 lbs. Provides the youngster 360° rib protection from sudden hits.

Adams Pee Wee Size Football Flac Jacket
  • Thick, air cushion rib pad "flac jacket" wrapped within a durable, plastic shell. Provides 360° protection around the rib cage.
  • Recommended for quarterbacks, running backs, receivers or for those require extra rib protection.
  • Two, fully adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable velcro front.
  • Features a removable plastic fibre and attaches to shoulder pads.
  • "Pee Wee" size fits most 60 - 90 lbs. Adjust to fit.
  • Color Black.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE - Adams "Pee Wee" Size Football Flac Jacket

This item is designed to minimize the possibility of injury or further injury only to the specific body part(s) which it covers. There is NO GUARANTEE that a player who wears this product will be protected from injury, further injury, paralysis or even death. To avoid these risks, do not engage in the sport of football. Always be aware of your limitations, and seek medical care when advised. WePlay Sports® and the manufacturer assumes no liability. Contact sports entails risks, and the participant assumes all risks therein. Verify fit by a qualified equipment manager before initial use. Any modification of this item is strictly forbidden.

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