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B'Warmer Youth Hand Warmers

The official on-field thermal accessory of the NFL and CFL. Designed with feedback from professional equipment managers and players, B' Warmer on-field thermal accessories are made for maximum thermal effectiveness and functionality. B'Warmer Youth Hand Warmers are made with a unique insulating material that reflects body heat back to the user in both wet and cold weather conditions, and provides more warmth and comfort than typical fleece products and other insulators of comparable thickness.

B'Warmer Handwarmer
  • Lightweight, thermal "fanny pack" style, tunnel hand warmer.
  • Supplex nylon shell is wind proof and water repellent. Elastic cuffs ensure better weather protection.
  • Fleece lining with aluminized polypropylene insulation reflects dispersed heat back to the user.
  • Zippered, inside-hanging pocket holds heat packs (not included) for extra warmth under extreme conditions.
  • Adjustable clip hinge system wraps around the back.
  • The only hand warmer of its type permitted during NFL games.
  • One size fits most youths 12 & under. Available in 7 colors: black, white, red, navy, royal, maroon and dark green. Made in Canada.
  • Quantity team prices are available for same color model purchases exceeding 6 handwarmers - see rate below. For more detailed quotes on additional football gear such as pants, belts, socks, etc., please e-mail us. Note, discounted team orders may take up to 1 - 3 extra business days to process. Click here for information regarding our team sales policy
Our Price:
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List Price: $30.00
Quantity Price: 1 - 7 (24.99) | 7 + ($22.50)
Discounted team orders may take up to 1 - 3 extra business days to process.
For information regarding our team sales policyplease click here.
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B'Warmer Youth Hand Warmers
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Standards - B'Warmer Handwarmers

The B'Warmer Handwarmers meets NF/NCAA specifications. When used with instant heat rags, be sure to keep rags in the interior pocket away from direct contact with the hand.

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