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Eye Black Strips by Mueller
Mueller Eye Black Strips Minimizes Glare
° Minimizes glare due to the sun or other types of bright light conditions.
° Patented eye black strips applies easily onto dry skin without painful removals.
° Won't sweat off, smear, stain uniforms while allowing towel drying of the face.
° The better alternative to greasy applications.
° Available in 36 or 144 piece packaging.

$5.99(36pc) ~ $15.99(144pc)

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36 Piece Package
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Note: Mueller Eye Black Strips apply and remove easily. For application, dry skin under eye, lift off the strip, and apply gentle pressure. To remove No Glare Strips, start with end of the strip closest to the nose, peel strip back over itself for minimum skin tug. When ordering the Mueller Eye Black Strip, please indicate version, model number and price when applicable. Questions??? Please call 1.800.745.5586 or e-mail us.


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