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Schutt® O2 Flex 80065 All Purpose Football Shoulder Pad

You've heard the expression: "Light as a feather." The Schutt® O2 Flex 80065 All Purpose Football Shoulder Pad may be the closest shoulder pad to that on the field. Obviously, something as strong and imposing as the O2 Flex is going to weigh a bit more than a feather, but it will still make you think you're not wearing any shoulder pads at all. This pad offers the feel of playing sandlot football but with the protection and performance you need to go one to one with the competition.

Schutt Armour Flex 80065 Shoulder Pad
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  • One of the lightest all purpose shoulder pads on the field, but built up for the big hitters. Features a 3/4” redundancy pad that’s sewn over the top of the shoulder area. Cutaway arch design allows complete freedom of movement and range of arm motion. Contoured plastic sub arch reinforces the arch for added strength with a low profile.
  • Working in tandem with the 7mm vent holes the unique O2 Vapor Windows create the vapor release system which enables unrestricted air-flow allowing maximum cool air in and hot air out.
  • Raised corrugations in the design make the pad stronger while 5mm holes in both the arch and throughout the pad aid in circulating air to keep you cooler.
  • 7mm vent holes allow cool air in and hot air out reducing fatigue and increasing performance.
  • The 3-point Belt System pulls the arch closer to the body while providing maximum range of motion
  • Deltoid & Scapula pads provide additional protection. You can easily remove them with a couple of screws for added range of motion.
  • The flat pad design has no cantilever giving it a lower profile that allows maximum mobility and range of motion.
  • The body cushion can be removed, washed, and air dried so you can keep a clean pad throughout the year.
  • Adjustable C-Channels bring the pad off of the A/C Joint eliminating the change of direct impact while helping disperse the energy over a wider area. This design provides maximum mobility while reducing the chance of shoulder injury.
  • Ventilated arch and sub-arch, to increase air flow. Removable clavicle channels, for a customized fit. Dri-Lex® Aerospacer 100 fabric for lightweight ruggedness. Non cantilever design for a very low profile, flat pad
  • Exclusive, AEGIS® anti-microbial coating. This rugged, germ-fighting agent uses negatively charged anti-microbial particles to fight against an array of bacteria, fungus, germs, and mold. AEGIS® is so effective, it’s registered with the EPA.
  • Aero-Dry™ spacer fabric is light and durable while providing moisture management properties.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Recommended positions: Full Back, Outside Linebacker, Defensive Linebacker, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Linebacker.
  • Color: Gray/Black.
  • Available in adult sizes M - XXL. Please view size scale below.
  • Oversized shipping item. When ordering multiple products, this item may be shipped separately. "Oversized" items may take up to 3 extra business days to process before shipping.
  • Team pricing available. See quantity/price rate below. Quantity team orders may be shipped directly from Schutt®. Click here for information regarding our team sales policy or e-mail us for additional enquiries and prices.
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Schutt® O2 Flex 80065 All Purpose Football Shoulder Pad
Item # 80065

Size Scale:
Shoulder Width
Chest Size
16 - 17"
34 - 36"
17 - 18"
38 - 40"
18 - 19"
42 - 44"
19 - 20"
46 - 48"
20 - 21"
48 - 50"
21 - 22"
50 - 52"
22 - 23"
54 - 56"
23 - 24"
58 - 60"
See Note below for additional sizing information.
Not available in size small.

Measuring Instructions - Schutt® Shoulder Pads

For fitting, measure across the back from where you can feel the shoulder bone on one side to where the bone ends on the opposite side. The size scale is based on average height/weight ratio. Other factors may affect sizing. Football Shoulder Pads should be fitted by a qualified equipment manager before use. Scale above is a guide only, customer assumes responsibility for incorrect size selection.

Liability Information - Schutt® O2 Flex Shoulder Pads

Football shoulder pads help provide the athlete with protection in the area that it covers. However, the user still assumes all risks entailed in actions. Schutt® and WePlay Sports® cannot guarantee freedom from injury. Football entails some risk of injury, and the participant assumes all risks therein. Due to the bulkiness of shoulder pads, shipping costs are higher than most types of athletic gear.

Cyber Shopping - Schutt® O2 Flex 80065 All Purpose Football Shoulder Pad

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