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Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid® YBXEX -11.5 Youth Baseball Bat.

On Sale!!! The Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid® YBXEX Youth Baseball Bat features power and performance through stiffness and strength. Metal is trimmed in a grid pattern at the handle of the bat, then replaced with carbon composite inserts that are several times stronger and lighter than the metal they replace. The result is a stiff handle that maximizes barrel flex at the point of contact for a trampoline effect.

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TPX Exogrid Baseball Bat Designation: Youth Baseball Bat (ages 12 & under).
Composition: ST-20 Alcalyte®.
Barrel: 2 1/4".
Features: Exogrid® Technology and one-piece ST-20 shell design provides a super stiff handle. Internal carbon composite sleeve. Bi/Fusion™ process bonds the separate materials together into one cohesive piece. Patented Pro Cup® end cap. Synthetic bat grip. 7/8" standard handle. Made in the U.S.A.
Policy: Our return policy is voided once the packaging is removed from bats. Returns or exchanges for "opened" bats must be addressed to Louisville Slugger®. One Year, one-time, limited warranty instructions included.
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Shipping: $8.45 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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Was: $229.95
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TPX Exogrid® YBXEX -11.5 Youth Baseball Bat
Item # YBXEX

TPX Exogrid Baseball Bat Technologies:
ST-20 Alloy Constructed by Alcoa®, this proven alloy is 20% stonger than GEN2X alloy introduced at the turn of the century.
Bi/Fusion™: Using a combination of heat and extreme pressure, the sleeve, inserts and metal wall are bonded to function as a single, solid unit.

The TPX Exogrid® YBXEX -11.5 Baseball Bat carries a one-year | one-time, limited warranty which covers all manufacturing defects from normal field usage including: major dents, cracking, breaking, loose or detached end cap, rattling. The policy does not cover: bats that have been abused, altered or mistreated, bats that have been used in a commercial batting cage, bats that have been used in temperatures lower than 60 degrees, and bats which have been re-taped. All TPX baseball bat warranty claims must be directed to Louisville Slugger® as instructed with the accompanying warranty claim policy. Be sure to read the warranty first before use, and to keep receipt after purchase.

Return Policy:
Our standard 30 day money back return privilege applies. However, softball bats must be returned in the same, unopened, sealed wrapper to qualify for a return. Rawlings baseball bats which have the seal removed may not be returned even if bat has never been used. All warranty claims regarding TPX Exogrid baseball bats must be made with Louisville Slugger® as prescribed above.

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