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Under Armour® APVX™ Photochromic Football Helmet Visor

The Under Armour® Football Helmet Visor features an exclusive, Italian made, APVX™ lens constructed from NXT® technology. NXT® is a patented family of transparent polyurethane polymers recently developed for military purposes as a highly durable and lightweight bullet-proof material.

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  • Proprietary APVX™ visor made by casting which ensures low internal stress for superior strength.
  • Anti-Fog and scratch resistant coatings.
  • Gray Smoke lens model allows 60% Visible Light Transmittance.
  • Exceeds ANSI Standards
  • Tested to be compatible with the following adult helmets only: Schutt with all cages, Riddell VSR-4 (all cages) and Revolution (all cages except: Revo Short Open, Revo Long Open, G-2B and G-2BDC). Use on any helmet other than those listed above will be at user's risk.
  • Minor assembly to the helmet required. Be sure to read instructions before use.
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