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Wilson GST ™ F1003 College | High School Football

The half stripe patterns of college and high school footballs are more susceptible to turnovers as compared to NFL® footballs, which have no stripes. Those stripes, which commonly have no natural "tack", are typically applied to the surface of the ball which makes them more "slippery", especially on rainy days or on sweaty palms. Wilson GST footballs use a synthetic stripe applique that is directly fused to the football that actually provides more grip, than the football itself.

Wilson GST F1003 NCAA Football
  • Wilson 899 WE light brown leather with the tanned-in tack that keeps the football "grip-able" after extended use.
  • Built on the 1005 pattern size that is slightly more narrow than the NFL® Duke and NCAA Div I 1001 models.
  • Special padded cover for softer feel and natural grip.
  • Patented ACL™ Lacing System is the most advanced football lace ever introduced. Made of pebbled composite leather that privides a softer, more gripable feel which translates to better control.
  • Dual sided lace reinforcers, and lockstitch construction for maximum durability.
  • Wilson exclusive grip stripes ensure that no matter where the ball is grippped, even if it's on the stripes, the player will always maintain control.
  • Deeper channels makes the Wilson GST game ball one of the most grippable footballs available.
  • Approved for use by NCAA and NFHS (High School).
  • Born, raised and still made in the USA.
  • Purchase a case (6 balls per case), and save even more.

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