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ASICS Wrestling Knee Sleeves

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ASICS ® Gel ® II Wrestling Sleeve Pad

7" length. Features ASICS GEL ® padding at the patella (knee cap) to reduce impact shock.

ASICS Gel II Wrestling Knee Pads
  • 7" length sleeve. Compression fit.
  • Neoprene construction and flatlock design adds lateral stability while protecting impacts around the knee.
  • GEL ® pad inserted in the impact area for added protection to the patella (knee cap).
  • Features KinetoFoam™ - an open cell padding that helps dissipate heat. By working in conjuction with the EVA padding, the sleeve also protects the wrestler, thus being able to move freely.
  • Mini mesh panel at the back of the knee allows for greater flexibility and helps with moisture management.
  • Small ASICS® logo applied at the top.
  • Packaged individually. (One sleeve per package).
  • Available in 3 color models. See cart below color availability.
  • Contains Latex. Do not wear if allergic to rubber, and do not wear over open wounds or sores. See below for disclaimer.
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ASICS ® Gel ® II Wrestling Sleeve Pad:
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DISCLAIMER NOTICE - ASICS ® Gel ® II Wrestling Sleeve Pad

Participation in volleyball, wrestling, or other contact sports can result in injury. Properly worn kneepads may make minor impacts less painful or reduce the risk of injuries. However, even properly worn kneepads in good condition cannot prevent all injuries. Always inspect kneepads before use, and do not use kneepads that are damaged. Always ensure that kneepads fit properly, and only use them for protecting the knees while participating in contact sports. If skin irritation, rash, itching or swelling occurs, remove pads immediately and consult a physician. Keep away from flames or intense heat sources, as these pads are not flame resistant. Use only for the sport(s) or activity(s) intended.

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