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Rawlings Adirondack® Pro 460MAP Big Stick Wood Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Adirondack® Pro 460MAP Big Stick Wood Baseball Bat is crafted from genuine Maple and features a pro cupped end for a better swing weight balance. Each bat has been dot tested with a dye that tests the grain for straightness.

Rawlings 460MAP Big Stick Maple Baseball Bat Designation: Adult Wood Baseball Bat.
Composition: Maple.
Dimensions: 460M - 15/16" Handle. 2 1/2" Barrel.
Color: Brown | Natural. Gray accent print.
Standards: Genuine maple wood. Pro Ink Dot Tested.
Features: Adirondack® Pro model with choice wood selected from the top 15% graded timber. Pro Cupped end. Slightly, flared knob. High gloss, barrel finish. Unfinished handle.
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Retail: $110.00


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Wood Baseball Bats - Drop Ratio

Due to the unique and natural characteristics of Maple other types of select timber, most wood baseball bats do not have a precise size/weight drop ratio, unless otherwise specified.

Warranty - Wood Maple Baseball Bats

Wood bats do not have the structural integrity of most aluminum and composite bats. As a result, there are no warranties against cracks or breakage during use - even on the first use. Our usual return policy for new, unused items apply, however, wood baseball bats that are used are voided. Any claims must be addressed to Rawlings Sporting Goods.

Pro Ink Dot Test - Maple

Effective for the 2009 season, all maple bats used in the pro level must have an ink dot on the handle. The dot bleeds in the direction of the grain, allowing the straightness to be measured. The straighter the grain, the stronger the baseball bat.

Cyber Shopping - Rawlings 460MAP Wood Baseball Bat

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