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Baseball Heart Guard

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Markwort Heart-Gard®.

The Heart-Gard is small in size, yet provides a rigid plate over the vital area of the heart. Kids are apt to learn faster and with greater confidence. Parents and coaches choose Heart-Gard as standard protective equipment for child safety.

Baseball Heart Guard
  • Padded shatterproof plastic guard is molded 50% thicker at the center to increase protection while retaining flexibility. Reduces felt impact by transferring force away from the heart and spreading it over a 700% larger area.
  • Measures 6"x6", easily adjusted elastic straps ensure that it is securely and comfortably in position at all times.
  • Weighs under 3 ounces. When worn under a shirt, Heart-Gard is virtually invisible.
  • Ventilated holes prevents heat build-up.
  • Use for baseball, softball, t-ball, martial arts, and hockey.
  • Designed primarily for youths aged 5 - 14 years. Available in black only. Made in the U.S.A. Please view warning below for more details and liability disclosure.
$19.99 Shipping: $6.35 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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This product cannot prevent all incidence of injury or death due to frontal chest impact. This product is not designed to protect against impact any place but the center of the chest. Heart-Gard, Inc. and WePlay Sports does not endorse the use of this product for any individual diagnosed with any heart condition or abnormality, including arrhythmia, murmur, or any similar condition, to play baseball, softball, or any sport that may expose the participant to chest impact by a ball, other equipment, or other participants. Heart-Gard, Inc. recommends that all athletes have a complete physical examination before participating in any sport and that an adult with CPR certification be present at all games and practices. Be sure to read all instructions before use.

Intended Use:
More deaths occur in youth baseball and softball than any other sports, including football. Between 1973 and 1998, at least 60 young baseball and softball players died from chest impact. Another 9 died while participating in hockey, martial art, and boxing. Approximately 65% of all injuries and deaths are inflicted by the ball (pitched, batted or thrown). Heart-Gard is designed to help prevent death or injury from ball impact to the center of the chest.

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