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Easton M10 Baseball Catchers Gear Box Set

Color: Black / Dark Green. Factory assembled set in a decroative display box. Easton M10 Baseball Catchers Gear Box Set features an asymmetric chest protector designed specifically for right handed throwers. The 3-Piece Kit includes Easton M10 Catchers Helmet, Chest Protector & Shin Guards.

Easton M10 Catchers Gear Set Black Green
Helmet: Easton M10 Catchers Helmet. Size Large - fits hat/cap size (7 ‐ 7 ⅞. NOCSAE approved with embossed logo. Snug, streamline fit stays close to the head, and moves with the catcher. ABS Plastic Shell with Rubberized matte finish. Strategically emplaced vents promotes air flow. HYPERLITE™ EPP foam provides excellent strength-to-weight properties. Matte black steel facemask reduces glare. Removable/washable chin liner.
Chest Protector: Easton M10 Chest Protector. Size: 16 ½″. Asymmetric design optimizes the play for right handed catchers. Multi-Layer perforation allows heat to quickly dissipate. ZERO SHOCK™ memory foam in the abdomen region reduces ball rebound and gives the catcher better ball control of their blocks. Ergonomic, adjustable shoulder cap. Over-the-shoulder protection with a 3-point fit adjustment.
Leg Guards: Easton M10 Leg Guards. Measures 17″. Asymmetric designation provides a specific right/left leg fit. Triple Knee Cap profile. TRUBLOCK™ anti-roll design creates stability in and out of the blocking position. Inner Knee Protection (IKP) with ZERO SHOCK™ memory foam where catchers need it most. Adjustable knee pad for a customized fit. EXOS™ ventilation system channels hot air out and cooler air in.
Color: Black | Dark Green.
Size: Adult. Fits most ages 16 & over.

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