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BangerZ ProVu HS-9000 Football Eye Shield

Made of durable Lexan® plastic made by General Electric. It protects eyes from finger pokes, dirt and other particles while eliminating harmful ultra-violet rays.

BangerZ Football Helmet Eyeshield
  • Lexan® [?] high-impact, extra resistant, polycarbonate eye shield is suitable for all ages.
  • Provides extra-wide vision with zero distortion.
  • Helps control light intensity and eliminates annoying glare.
  • Eliminates harmful ultra-violet rays.
  • Shields eyes from dirt, mud, airborne particles and finger pokes.
  • Fits metal and plastic face masks.
  • Anti-fog inner and outer application
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Easy to apply, no tools required. Made in the USA.
  • Available in clear, smoke and amber models.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE - BangerZ ProVu HS-9000 Football Eye Shield

Although Bangerz Eyeshields are intended to offer the best eye protection available, there is always the possibility that a player may sustain eye injury due to the nature of athletic activity or severe impact. No eye shield material is unbreakable. Always inspect before and during use for any damage or cracks. If damaged in any manner, discard and replace immediately. For your protection, never alter the eye shield in any way. The user assumes all risks entailed in actions, since Halo Sports®, the manufacturer of this product, and WePlay Sports® can not guarantee freedom from injury, death or blindness. The sport of football entails risks, and the participant assumes all risks therein.

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