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FBFM-OPO Pro-Guard Football Facemask by Adams, USA.
Football Facemask
° Football Facemask for specialty players such as quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, returners, linebackers, and safeties.
° Double wire, mid-horizontal bar and vertical bars provide enhanced oral protection.
° Bonded, Annotek® Polyethylene powder coating for extended color wear.
° Includes necessary attachments: head screws, long t-nuts, mask straps (snubbers), and stainless steel washers.
° Available in three colors: white, scarlet, and black.
° One size fits most adults. Mounting instructions also included. Please view disclaimer below shopping cart.
$19.99 Shipping: $7.55 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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Adams, USA Pro-Guard FBFM-OPO Facemask
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Note: Please follow mounting instructions carefully. If unsure, have a qualified equipment manager check before use. The equipment on this page is designed to minimize the possibility of injury or further injury only to the specific body part(s) which it covers. There is no guarantee that a player who wears any type of football face mask will be protected from injury to any part of the face. Any modification to this facemask is forbidden. WePlay Sports assumes no liability. Questions??? Please call 1.800.745.5586 or e-mail us.

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