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Pro-Lite® Slotted Hip & Tail Pad by Bike Athletic.
Slotted Hip and Tail Pads
  • Flat, Slotted, three-piece hip & tail pads.
  • Made of shock absorbing EVA material that uses player's own body heat to mold the pads to the player's contours.
  • Includes two hip pads and one tail pad.
  • Lightweight (less than 4oz) and flexible.
  • Fits in most girdles or with slotted football pants.
  • Available in white only. One size fits most adults.
  • Packaged in a reusable mesh bag with Velcro closure.
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List Price: $13.50
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Bike Athletic 3pc Slotted Hip & Tail Pad Set
Item # BAIH50

Requires slotted football pants. The user assumes all risks entailed in actions, since Bike Athletic and WePlay Sports® can not guarantee freedom from injury. Use of the pad set cannot prevent serious injury or death. The sport of football entails risks, and the participant asssumes all risks therein.

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