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Fastpitch Catchers Gear

"Intermediate" sized girls fastpitch gear primarily suited for players 12 - 15 years of age. View over 15 pre-assembled, color co-ordinated, catcher sets which include helmet, chest protector, and shin guards. Purchasing sets not only make it easier to shop for by eliminating the need to search, assemble and match each piece, but is also more economical than collectively purchasing each component.

Under Armour ®
Professional Fastpitch
Intermediate Catchers Set
Under Armour Pro Intermediate Fastpitch Catchers Gear Set - Navy Blue
WePlay Price: $350.00
List: $400.00
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Mako Fastpitch Custom
Intermediate Catchers Set
Easton Mako Stealth Custom Color Softball Catchers Gear Set - Intermdiate Size
WePlay Price: $299.95
List: $330.00
Samurai™ Fastpitch
Intermediate Catchers Set
Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Intermediate Catchers Set
WePlay Price: $239.95
List: $300.00
Fastpitch Pitch Series™
Girls Catchers Kit
All-Star Fastpitch Pitch Girls Catchers Kit
WePlay Price: $149.99
List: $197.99
Fastpitch Pitch Series™
Girls Catchers Kit
All-Star Fastpitch Pitch Girls Catchers Gear Set
WePlay Price: $149.99
List: $197.99

Girls Catchers Gear Accessories

#KS2Y Catchers
Youth Knee S'ports™
All-Star Catchers Youth Knee Supports
WePlay Price: $18.99
List: $24.00
Available in 4 color. Fits ages 7 - 12. Multi-level foam construction provides necessary support and comfort. Includes extra long traditional straps.
Knee Saver II™
Easton Alimed Catchers Knee Saver II
WePlay Price: $24.99
List: $30.00
Redesigned for an anatomical fit. Four-sided cushion cradle design provides support, comfort, and protection. Available in 5 color models.
Catchers Knee Savers

Catchers Knee Wedges
WePlay Price: $18.99
List: $25.00
Repetitive or long term squatting wears down the Menisci in the Knee, making them more susceptible to tearing. Knee Savers limit the amount of space the knees have to bend while in a crouched or kneeling position.
# BBPRO2 Pro
Catching Bag
All-Star Pro Catchers Bag
WePlay Price: $54.99
List: $70.00
Measures 36″ L x 12″ W x 15″ H. Five separate internal compartments allow custom storage of gear. While intended to hold catchers gear and bats, it can also double as a portable team bag to haul common gear such as balls, gloves, bottled drinks, etc.
Classic Wheel
Baseball | Softball Bag
Mizuno Classic Wheel Bag
WePlay Price: $79.99
List: $110.00
Measures 36" x 13" x 13". "Off Road" wheels makes hauling gear easier, even on not-so-friendly surfaces. Doubles as a small team gear bag or personal bag.

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