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Nokona ® Buckaroo ® BKF-1300C 13″ Womens Fastpitch Softball Glove

Combines two different leather hides, kangaroo (Buckaroo ®) and cowhide (Crunch Walnut ®), to create a lightweight fastpitch softball glove without compromising durability.

Nokona Buckaroo BKF-1300C 13″ Fastpitch Softball Glove
Size: 13″.
Position(s): P, OF.
Shell: Buckaroo ® [?] | Crunch Walnut [?] Leathers.
Description: Built on the classic Nokona AMG650 fastpitch softball pattern. Closed weave web. Closed back creates a natural index finger opening. Ristankor Velcro® wrist strap closure. Suede leather tanning at the back of the finger stalls provides a natural "mocassin" fit & feel. Premium tan leather lacing. Nokona ® logo, name and American Made theme stitched print.
Color: Walnut / Buckaroo. Note: Tanned leather varies from one hide to another. Glove colors may vary slightly from picture
Origin: Crafted in Nocona, Texas with genuine U.S. & Australian hides.
Hand Models: Available in both hand models.

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