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255 Pedometer by Ultrak.

This personal pedometer measures the walking or jogging distance in steps and miles. It features a large, digital readout for easier viewing. The stopwatch mode can simultaneous operate while being used in other modes.

Ultrak 255 Pedometer
  • Personal pedometer measuring 2¼" wide.
  • Simultaneously measures distance and tallies step count based on a predetermined stride rate.
  • Includes a built-in stopwatch that can also operate simultaneously.
  • Clip on feature attaches to waistband or belt.
  • Large, digital readout can be viewed while in use.
  • Requires one lithium battery (included & installed).
  • Available in black only.
$18.99 Shipping: $5.75 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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Ultrak 255 Pedometer:
Model # 255
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How Pedometers Work:
The word pedometer is actually an ancient name. "Ped" is a Latin word meaning "foot" while "meter" is also Latin (and Greek) for measure. Pedometers measure the up and down motion of your body as you walk or jog. A spring-set horizontal arm acts as a pendulum that makes and breaks an electrical circuit which in turn tallies the number of step counts. Based on a predetermined and set stride rate, the pedometer calculates the distance accumulated based on the number of steps it reads. As a result, it is more accurate when walking or jogging at one continuous stride.

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