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Riddell Power Phantom ® SK Football Shoulder Pads

Flat pad design. Designed for "Junior Varsity" level players within the middle school, freshman & JV level age groups. The "skilled" design is primarily suited for Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Safeties, Cornerbacks and Defensive Backs.

Riddell Power Phantom SK Skilled Football Shoulder Pads
  • Flat pad, low profile design sits low across the players shoulder minimizing interference with the rotational range of the helmet. Rigid belts route forces away from the point of impact by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system.
  • "Junior Varsity" level shoulder pads for middle school, freshman & JV level age groups. Suggested Position(s): "Skilled" profile design for Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Safeties, Cornerbacks and Defensive Backs.
  • Air Management System attenuates impact energy on a cushion of air within semi-sealed chambers. Energy dispersal occurs through spreading of impact forces within a large volume of air slowly released from the liner at a controlled rate.
  • 1/2" thick convoluted open-cell foam bodies for comfort and air circulation.
  • 3/16" closed-cell foam padding for added clavicle protection.
  • 1" PVC Belts with built-in back plate provides extended spinal coverage.
  • Corrugated arches for stiffness and durability.
  • Power ® Cap and epaulet shoulder design.
  • Engineered composite sub arch provides additional padding over the shoulder.
  • Sewn-in shoulder channels of 3/4" open-cell foam for added protection.
  • High resillency, PVC epaulet straps.
  • Brush lined, padded collar.
  • Color: Black/Gray/Yellow.
  • Available in sizes 2XSmall - XLarge. Please view size scale below.
  • Oversized shipping item. When ordering multiple products, this item may be shipped separately. "Oversized" items may take up to 2 extra business days to process before shipping.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE - Riddell Power Phantom ® SK Football Shoulder Pads

Football Shoulder Pads are designed to reduce the possibility of injury to the specific body part which they cover. Use of this equipment does not guarantee the user will be protected from serious, disabling or permanent injury or even death while playing football. The sport of Football entails some risk of injury, and the participant assumes all risks therein. Any modification or alteration without the permission of the manufacturer could reduce the protective capacity of this shoulder pad. Size scale is a guide only, and is based on average height/weight ratio. Other factors may affect sizing. Customer assumes responsibility for incorrect size selection. Always verify fit with a qualified equipment managaer before initial use.

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