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Schutt DNA Carbon Steel STG Iconic Big Grill 2 Football Facemask

Its intimidating looks actually serves a purpose by not allowing fingers to penetrate the mask grill, thus reducing your opponents cheating ability to grab your facemask.

Schutt DNA Carbon Steel STG Iconic Big Grill 2 Football Facemask
  • Carbon steel frame - the game's most popular faceguard material in use.
  • Suitable for offensive or defensive positions.
  • For use with Schutt DNA™ Pro™ + adult helmet model (size small - large). WILL NOT fit and should not be worn with other Schutt helmet models, including youth size DNA Pro +. Use with any other helmet model other than the model stipulated will void the helmet NOCSAE certification, and is not permitted.
  • Includes all facemask accessories including screws, washers, t-nuts, and snubbers. Requires a Phillips or flathead screwdriver (not included) for assembly.
  • Standard color finish. Available in 8 solid colors - see cart below for availability.
  • Assembly by a qualified equipment manager is recommended. Always, verify fit before initial use. Do not over-torque. Over-torquing Faceguard hardware during assembly may cause the helmet shell to crack and will void any helmet warranty. Do not alter face mask in any manner, including painting. Please read disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE - Schutt DNA Carbon Steel STG Iconic Big Grill 2 Football Facemask

WARNING: Contact in football may result in Concussion/Brain injury which no football helmet can prevent. Symptoms include: loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea, or confusion. If you have symptoms, immediately stop and report them to your coach, trainer, and parents. Do not return to a game or contact until all symptoms are gone and you receive medical clearance. Ignoring this warning may lead to another and more serious or fatal brain injury. NO HELMET SYSTEM CAN PROTECT YOU FROM SERIOUS BRAIN AND/OR NECK INJURIES INCLUDING PARALYSIS OR DEATH. TO AVOID THESE RISKS, DO NOT ENGAGE IN THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL. TO ACHIEVE THE MOST EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE OF A SCHUTT Football HELMET, USE ONLY SCHUTT SPORTS REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS. Always verify fit by a qualified equipment manager before initial use.

Do not attach any accessories that are not supplied by and/or approved to be worn with Schutt helmets. Attachment of accessories not supplied by or recommended for Schutt helmets will void the warranty and could adversely affect the protective capabilities of the helmet. If you are unsure if an accessory is approved, please visit Assemebly of helmet accessories such as face masks, jaw pads, liners, etc. should be done by a qualified equipment manager. Do not alter Schutt football helmets and helmet accessories in any manner that is not approved by Schutt Sports, Inc., this includes painting helmets or face masks.

Keep your head up. Do not butt, ram, spear, or strike an opponent with any part of a helmet or faceguard. This is a violation of football rules and may cause you to suffer severe brain or neck injury, including paralysis or death and possible injury to your opponent.

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