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Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Strapless Youth Mouth Guard

The #1 selling Gel Max strapless mouthgard, renowned for its superior fit and protection, is infused with flavors that taste great with no compromise in performance.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Strapless Youth Mouth Guards
  • Flavor Fushion Technology integrates flavor into specific mouthguard components.
  • Designed to fit the upper portion of the mouth (Maxillary Arcade).
  • Three different materials combine to provide a precise fit, maximum protection and total comfort.
  • Gel-Fit Liner [?] material takes an exact impression of the teeth, providing a tight comfortable fit.
  • EVA Form for added support and protection.
  • Exoskeleton Shock Frame [?] consists of an external rubber, shock-absorbing frame with integrated jaw pads that maximizes impact protection for the teeth, jaw and brain.
  • "Strapless" model for use without helmets.
  • Available in 5 color co-ordinated flavor models. See cart below for flavors.
  • Latex free. Made in the USA.
  • Youth Size: fits most ages 10 & under. "Boil & Bite" fitting required.
  • $10,000 Limited Dental Warranty. See below for details.
  • Mouth Guards removed from its packaging may not be returned. Not for use with braces.

Team Orders - Sports Wear

WePlay Sports® is also a team dealer since 1982, and is always happy to oblige with quotes. For schools or teams that would like to receive a price quote, please e-mail us us. When e-mailing a request, please use the term "quote" anywhere in the subject heading or else it may be filtered as spam by our anti-spam software program, and automatically trashed. Example Header: "Quote Russell Athletic Youth Sweatshirts". Note quotation marks are not needed.

Warranty Information - Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Strapless Youth Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor, Inc ("Shock Doctor") warrants the within mouthguard unit to be free from defects in material and workmanship which could cause damage or injury to the sound, natural teeth of the purchaser herein when properly used in a supervised athletic contest or coach-supervised training session. The warranty shall extend for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers $313 per injured or replaced tooth, up to a maximum of $10,000 per incident. Purchase of The Shock Doctor Mouth Guards includes a detailed warranty disclaimer. Please read before use. Keep the dental warranty, disclaimer and package receipt in a safe location. All claims must be addressed to Shock Doctor. Use of this product does not guarantee freedom of injury or death. WePlay Sports® assumes no liability.

Return Policy - Mouth Guards

Buy Safe - Be Safe. For sanitary reasons, the return of mouth guards is prohibited if the package has been opened or appears to have been opened. As a result, our normal return policy is void regarding this mouth guard if the forementioned stipulation exists. Any defective and/or warranty claims must be made with the manufacturer.

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