WePlay SoccerGot a website relating to Soccer? We freely allow all website owners the right to link their website to ours, and to copy and use our logo on their website within the following limitations: 1) Web Page must not contain any content deemed offensive to the general public such as nudity, foul language, and racial or ethnic defamation. 2) Web site may not falsify the content relating to our website or knowingly make any mis-claims about WePlay Sports. 3) Lastly, while our logos are free to use, such as the one pictured on this page, the corporate logos of our suppliers are not. We are not authorized to grant permission, and it is recommended that you obtain permission from the owner before using any such brand logo.

Most of our logos were made for white backgrounds, such as this one. If your web page has a colored background, let us know. We will happily make a logo that blends in with your web page design. Write to us, and indicate your background color in hexadecimal form, and we will send you a logo attachment via e-mail normally within 24 to 72 hours. An example of hexadecimal is '000080', which is regarded as navy blue.

Don't know how to copy a logo from a web page? Point your mouse over the image on the web page. Right click your mouse once, and select "Save Image As..." from the menu selection. Then save image into the same directory where you store your other images. If you have never worked with images before, then save it into the same directory that you store your web pages so you will not forget where the image is located when you need to retrieve it. Also note that most of our images are in GIF format. Thanks for your interest, and good luck with your web design.

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