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In conjunction with our baseball site, we offer well over 130 different models of baseball and softball gloves for all kinds of positions, ages, and preferences. Gloves on this page are created for 11 - 12" softballs. As a common rule, softball gloves tend to have deeper pockets than typical baseball glove models in order to accommodate the larger softball dimensions. Please pay attention to the gloves size. As a general guide, most gloves have suggested position, age or gender recommendations. Baseball glove models can be viewed at our baseball site.
Black Magic BX1400B
Softball Glove

Easton 14" Softball Glove
WePlay Price: $39.95
List: $55.00
Arced woven web. Modified open back. Patented, Ideal-Fit™ System. Lock Down™ adjustable quick binding straps. Black dyed-thru genuine rawhide lace. Moisture control finger stalls. VRS palm pad for added protection.
Generation™ Series
G-1350 Softball Glove
Nokona Genration Series G-1350 Softball Gloves
13 1/2"
WePlay Price: $299.95
List: $350.00
Free Ground Shipping Softball pattern with extra wide pocket for 12″ softballs. 1/2 Moon web. Closed back creates a natural index finger opening. Generation™ Series Steerhide Leather has a contemporary, classic look with a comfortable feel, good structure, and easy break-in period
A500™ A135
Softball Glove

Wilson 13 1/2" Softball Glove
13 1/2"
WePlay Price: $41.99
List: $55.00
Features both the EZ Snap™ Closing System and EZ Fit™ System that works together to create a virtually "game ready" softball glove with minimal break-in period.
Walnut® WS-1300C
Softball Glove
Nokona Walnut WS-1300C Softball Glove
WePlay Price: $209.99
List: $249.99
Free Ground Shipping Nokona has built its reputation on legendary Walnut Crunch leather. Once you work it in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona. American Made.
Salvo SVS 13
Softball Glove
Easton Salvo SVS 13″ Softball Glove
WePlay Price: $49.95
List: $65.00
Engineered to be "game ready" off the shelf with a great soft feel with a VRS™ palm pad. The Double deep pocket allows room for a softball to make quick snags on the field. Dura Mesh back reduces weight.
Buckaroo ® Black BS-1250C
Softball Glove
Nokona Buckaroo Black BS-1250C 12 1/2" Slowpitch Softball Glove
12 1/2"
- OUT -
Combines two different leather hides, kangaroo (Buckaroo ®) and cowhide (Crunch Walnut), to create a lightweight softball glove without compromising durability.
Premium Glove Conditioner
Item # NLT-P
Nokona NLT-P Premium Glove Conditioner
- OUT -
Takes ball glove conditioning to the next level, and is made with a unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula™ that provides a time-release lubrication. These natural oils gradually seep into the leather, especially when exposed to heat or constant flexing. As a result, the glove leather gets oiled instead of drying out or cracking, yet retaining breathability.
Glove Conditioner

Nokona Baseball Glove Conditioner
WePlay Price: $4.99
List: $6.00
Tried & true classic method break-in, cleaning, and/or preserving glove and mitt leather.

Softball Glove - Hand Model Designation

A "righty" softball glove is intended for the player who catches left, and throws right, and is the most common hand model type. "" or "full right" models are for fielders who catch right, and throw left. Full right gloves are often referred to as "southpaw" gloves. designation indicates that both types of softball gloves are available. A softball glove is defined as such based on manufacturers suggestion with commonly associated size or deep web patterns.
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