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Step & Stride Counter by Robic.

Simple - easy - accurate. The Robic M307 Step counter keeps track of the number of steps, this week, this month. Easy to use; stops and starts when you do. When finished, press the "reset" pusher to clear back to all zeros.

  • Extremely lightweight, small, portable step counter.
  • Counts up to 1,000,000 steps.
  • Automatically begins counting when you begin walking.
  • Sensitivity setting option adjusts to your personal stride.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display with extra large numbers.
  • Spring loaded clip fits on most waistbands or belts.
  • Fold over, close cover protects display and push buttons.
  • Press and hold to reset to zero.
  • Requires one lithium battery (included & installed).
  • Available in navy blue only.
$18.99 Shipping: $5.75 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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Robic Step & stride Counter:
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Step Counter vs. Pedometer:
A step and stride counter simply keeps track of the number of steps taken. A pedometer is used to keep track of distance traveled which is calculated by multiplying the stride length by the number of steps taken.

How it Works:
Step counters measure the up and down motion of your body as you walk or jog. A spring-set horizontal arm acts as a pendulum that makes and breaks an electrical circuit which in turn tallies the number of step counts. The adjustment setting controls the sensitivity of the arm to better accommodate the intensity of the workout. A jogger for example would require lesser sensitivity while a walker moving at a slower pace would require more sensitivity.

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