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Seiko S149 Timer & Printer

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SEIKO S149 System Stopwatch & Printer by Seiko.
Seiko S129 System Stop Watch.
° One piece, hand-held stop watch and printer.
° Measurable up to 10 hours in 1/100 of a second.
° Split/Lap time measurement.
° Store and recall up to 300 split/lap times.
° Memory segregated by event.
° Multiple event memory.
° Memory recall capability during operation.
° Large-sized, three row display panel.
° Time and automatic calendar.
° Prints 13 digits per line at a rate of 1.5 lines per second.
° Large clear print.
° Printout selection of split only or lap times.
° Automatic printout of year, month, date and time.
° Ready upon arrival: includes battery, two rolls of thermal paper, and how-to instructions.
$369.95 Shipping: $9.95 Estimated Regular Ground ~ (More Info)
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Seiko S149 Watch/Printer
# S149
S950 Thermal Paper (5 Pack)
# S950

Note: Seiko S149 model replaces the S129 model. The S129 has been discontinued. The S149 watch/printer is not detachable. Comes packaged with two rolls of Seiko S950 thermal paper which prints about 520 lines. When ordering Seiko Sports Watches, please specify model name & number, size & color when applicable. Questions??? Please call 1.800.745.5586 or e-mail us.

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