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Weighted Baseballs

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Markwort Weighted Baseballs

Used as training aid for arm and hand strength training. As the player trains, gradually increase the weight of the ball as strength is built. Color-coded cover indicates the ball weight.

Markwort Weighted Baseballs
  • Regulation size, 9" baseball.
  • Color-coded, synthetic leather cover indicates the ball weight, and helps separate genuine baseballs.
  • Yellow lacing.
  • Available in 4 weight models: 7oz. (red), 8oz. (orange), 9oz. (green), and 10oz. (blue). Note a standard baseball weighs 5 oz.
  • Purchase individually, or by the set. Includes training regimen tips.
  • Use as a training device only. DO NOT use for batting or fielding.

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